Level 2 Sage 50 Certification

The second of a 3-level certification programme, the Level 2 Sage 50 course offers an intermediate understanding of this software. While completion of the Level 1 course is highly recommended, this course can be completed by staff who already have a foundational knowledge of Sage 50. A great option for providing career advancement opportunities and skills training, this certification programme focuses on the transactional aspects of your business, which is aimed to improve recordkeeping and sales management.

What’s Covered in the Course?

In this course, staff will learn:

    • The basics of accruals and prepayments, including month end reports and setting up prepayments;
    • How to set up fixed assets and calculate depreciation values, including how to use an Asset Disposal Wizard, fixing inaccuracies and the management of customer and supplier information;
    • How to process purchase orders, stock control and monitoring, including how to create, amend and delete orders and how to look up past orders, while maintain stock levels;
    • How to set product pricing, build a price list and calculate customer discounts and credits;
    • The complete sales order process, such as despatching an order, allocating stock and creating an audit trail.


What are the Benefits of the Course?

Here are the benefits of taking the course:

    • Limits the need for accountants outside of your organisation, saving you both time and money;
    • Helps your employee to transition from manual to computerised accounting systems, while building on their professional development;
    • Can easily be completed at home or at work, at a pace that suits the demands of everyday life, making it convenient and easy-to-follow, no matter where your employee accesses it;
    • Provides the required background and detail, in order to put learning outcomes into practice, and gives your employee the required confidence, in order to immediately begin implementing each module.
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