Level 2 Sales Certification

As a business owner, ensuring that your product or service is on the market and is ready for sale is as important as the people who are selling it. The Level 2 Sales Certification is an excellent step in the right direction, as it has been designed to enhance the required sales techniques, in order to maximise profits and build your business. This certification is great for both new sales staff and those who are in need of a refresher course.

What’s Covered in the Course?

Throughout the 19 modules included in this certification programme, you and your staff will learn a series of techniques and sales strategies, such as:

    • Understanding sales psychology, focusing on buyer and seller motivation and the history of professional sales;


    • How to develop sales skills, things to avoid, identifying weak spots and how to improve on them;


    • Goal-setting – why it’s important and how to create a sales plan that is achievable;


    • The selling process, including the steps that lead to a successful sale and the importance of this process;


    • The importance of generating leads, how to find and make use of leads and cold calling;


    • Sale preparation, such as how to prepare, why it’s important and how to put the sales steps into motion;


    • Sales proposals and the perfect pitch, which focuses on how to write a proposal, how to deliver it and what to avoid;


    • The art of negotiation;


    • How to overcome objections and turn things around;


    • An overview of effective closing, from knowing when it’s the right time to what to do afterwards;


    • Post-sale maintenance, building the relationship with the customer, follow-up and how to gain future business;


    • The role of technology in sales – what mistakes to avoid and what these tools can do, in order to improve the outcome;


    • Sales management, including how to lead a sales team, dealing with problem employees and how to enhance a seller’s strengths.


What are the Benefits of the Course?

The course materials aren’t the only beneficial aspects of this programme. Some of the other advantages that you’ll see, after completion of the Level 2 Sales Certification are:

    • Ease of access – it can be completed anywhere that your staff are, meaning that they don’t have to be in an office; they can complete it on the road or from the comfort of their home;


    • It helps sales staff identify strengths and weaknesses and how to take advantage of opportunities, which leads to better ability of reaching sales goals and improving profits;


    • The acquired skills can be applied by your staff as they learn, so, as they progress, they can put their learning into action, which almost immediately leads to improved results;


    • It builds confidence and enhances employee satisfaction, which benefits everyone.
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