Certification in Child Psychology

If you work with or aspire to work with children, then having a basic understanding of what drives them is important, especially if you’re an educator. This fascinating course will help you better understand the field of child psychology and teach you everything you’ll need to know, in order to improve your understanding of this exciting area of study. Through 22 easy-to-follow modules, your enrolled team members will quickly be able to grasp the finer points of the key theories of this field. This online course will help them to understand how the mind changes from infancy to childhood, through adolescence and all the way through the teenage years into early adulthood.

What’s Covered in the Course?

If you or a team member choose to study this course, you can expect to cover the following:


  • An introduction to the theories of prominent child psychologists and an understanding of how they were developed;
  • The importance of Piaget’s theory of cognitive development;
  • The psychological development of a child from infancy through to the teen years;
  • The physical development from birth through to young adulthood will be studied
  • The most important influences, including culture, in a child’s social development;
  • The idea of emotional development and how a child evolves emotionally through adolescence;
  • The importance that relationships play throughout childhood and how security, support and love are related;
  • Self-esteem throughout childhood – when it’s considered healthy, when it can be unhealthy and how to build healthy self-esteem in toddlers;
  • How to identify and deal with behavioural problems and what bad behaviour and conduct disorder is;
  • An introduction to educational psychology, the study of psychology as it relates to education;
  • Psychological methods for overcoming learning disabilities;
  • How nutrition can impact a child’s psychological development, and why a healthy diet is so important;
  • An explanation of how an individual changes physically, emotionally, behaviourally and cognitively, as they develop into adulthood.


What are the Benefits of the Course?

There are a range of benefits that any team members will gain, after completing this course. These include:

    • Gaining valuable knowledge that can help to advance your career in psychology;
    • The ability to study at the time and from the place that works best for you;
    • Online support and access to the course materials 24/7;
    • You can download the course materials onto virtually any device;
    • Gaining an accredited certification for having successfully completed the course.
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