Level 3 EYFS Teaching Certification

Teaching young children can be an incredibly rewarding profession, and anyone in this field should have the tools necessary to give their students the best possible level of education. Taking an Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) teaching course is a great first step to becoming an effective educator of those who are still in the early stages of life. Whether you have staff working for you who need to learn the skills to become a kindergarten teacher or you wish to run a nursery or pre-school yourself, having a certification in EYFS teaching is an absolute necessity.This course is offered entirely online. This allows you and your team members the freedom to study wherever and whenever is most convenient for you. Through these 10 fascinating modules, your staff will quickly be able to grasp what it takes to become a respected EYFS teacher.

What’s Covered in the Course?

Through this course, your team members will learn about:

    • Why it’s important for young children to receive proper education and how to create a well thought out and effective educational programme;
    • The daily schedule of an EYFS teacher and what a typical day in this career would look like;
    • What the EYFS framework is and the rationale behind it;
    • How to be an effective teacher, by creating a strong lesson plan that helps to test the strengths and weaknesses of individual students;
    • What areas of learning are most important and how to maintain focus on them;
    • The teaching techniques available to EYFS teachers and how the use of play in an educational programme makes for more effective learning;
    • The importance of motivation, especially when it comes to young students and how to keep a class on track;
    • The different professions that utilise EYFS teaching.

What are the Benefits of the Course?

Whomever you enrol on this course can expect to enjoy the following benefits:

    • Employees will gain the necessary skills that can help them to advance their careers working with young children;
    • Staff are able to study at the time and from the place that best suits them and your company,
    • Upon completion of the course, team members receive an industry-recognised and fully-accredited certification that can even be printed from home;
    • Study materials are available on all major devices – all that’s required is an internet connection.
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