Life Coaching Certification

This course on Life Coaching provides insights into the career and profession of life coaches. Interested candidates will learn about what life coaching is and how it can help transform the lives of other people with challenges and problems.

In this course, you will have the opportunity to learn:

    • How and why people benefit from life coaching and what the process of life coaching actually involves.
    • Insights into the meaning of foundational values and the effect of limiting beliefs on our lives and how life coaching can help change our thinking.
    • How you can choose to specialise in different types of life coaching depending on your interest and inclination and the important qualities of an empowering life coach.
    • Important communication and active listening skills that help you to become a great life coach.
    • The basics and fundamentals of life coaching and how core belief systems direct our thinking and decision-making processes.
    • How the process of life coaching in the UK is streamlined with regulatory standards as well as explanation of the core ethics.
    • In addition, you will learn about powerful questioning skills.
    • How to use powerful questioning skills to build trust and rapport with your clients.
    • How to redirect your clients’ thinking and help them set plans of action in order to achieve value-based goals.
    • How to attract your first clients and how to profile target and prospective customers for your life coaching business.
    • How to strengthen your client network and use email marketing to reach out to potential clients. In addition, you will learn how to set your fees and payment rates.

Benefits of studying the course

Once you have studied the course on Life Coaching, you can look forward to the following benefits:

    • You will be in a position to help people analyse their current lives and help them understand why they feel unmotivated or stuck
    • By asking relevant and insightful questions, you can give direction to their thinking and encourage them to self-explore and self-examine their own needs and desires
    • Your support and guidance can help people go on to live happier, richer and more meaningful lives
    • As you help people own their goals, you are likely to enjoy increased interest from clients who want to work with you
    • Your empathetic support will encourage people to achieve success and happiness faster than they may have been able to do on their own
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