Managing and Improving Customer Service Process Certification

Business success depends on customer satisfaction. A business may believe that it is doing well through increasing sales and profits, but its customer satisfaction statistics may tell a story of unrealised potential. If your customer satisfaction ratings are not in the higher bracket, your bottom line is not as healthy as it might be. This course shows that customer care is an integral factor in business success and provides the teaching to help your employees effectively interact with customers, with the highest levels of service and care. Better standards of customer care result in great customer satisfaction, which, in turn, results in customer loyalty, reputation enhancement and increased profits.

The course also covers the analysis and metrics of customer satisfaction, so it is suitable not only for team leaders and managers of customer-facing staff but also data analysts, work study staff and senior managers, who need to set or understand the customer satisfaction picture for the business.

What’s Covered in the Course?

Team members will cover the following topics in this course:

    • Why good customer service is so valuable and beneficial, both for the customer and the business;
    • How to improve customer service, using feedback from customers in an effective way;
    • How to measure customer loyalty in a tangible way, so that it can be utilised to boost the business;
    • How to analyse and improve the current customer service processes and techniques, for the benefit of both the customers and the business;
    • Why the quality of customer care plays a big role in the customer’s impression and experience of the business and how to achieve a high quality service;
    • How to handle customer service problems effectively and with a positive resolution for everyone involved;
    • Ways in which to consistently develop and enhance the customer service process;
    • Why a customer care framework is dependent upon feedback and monitoring of systems and processes;
    • What service level agreements are and how to develop them, so that they work for both the customer and the business.


What are the Benefits of the Course?

This course has key benefits for staff who are involved in setting customer service processes and procedures, as follows:

    • How to build, implement and manage a customer satisfaction framework;
    • The effective measurement of customer satisfaction;
    • Teaching staff about the identification of improvements in customer service processes and procedures;
    • It is taught in modules, can be studied flexibly and is available online, accessible by any device with an internet connection;
    • Full online support.
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