Managing Emotions at Work Certification

Negative emotions are a normal part of everyday life and most of us have to learn how to handle difficult emotions at work. This can be challenging, particularly when we are under stress.In this course, you will learn some practical methods for dealing with unwanted emotions at work that will improve your wellbeing and job satisfaction.

You will Learn:

    • The most common negative emotions that people experience at work
    • Why problem-solving can help you feel better
    • What to do if your emotions get the better of you
    • How to quickly calm down
    • How shifting your perspective can help you remain level-headed

Benefits of Taking this Course:

    • An improvement in your performance at work, as you will not be distracted by your emotions, when making decisions or carrying out day-to-day activities
    • An improvement in your relationships with others, both at work and at home
    • If you work with difficult people, this course will equip you with the tools that you need, in order to avoid over-reacting to their negative behaviours
    • If your work-life balance has become imbalanced, this course will help you separate the two parts of your life and lower your overall stress levels
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