Managing Teams Certification

As a manager or team leader, you have a seemingly endless number of tasks that you need to complete. In addition to keeping on top of your projects and budget, you also need to manage the individual members of your team. In fact, despite popular belief, learning how to work with your team members is the most important part of your job. A well-run team that works well together is happy at work and productive; aspects you can clearly see reflected in your bottom line. This course gives you detailed information about how to effectively manage a team. We begin by talking about the hiring and recruiting process, as having the right people on your team is the best way to start building a productive one. Next, we talk about the different personality types you are likely to come across as you are compiling your ideal team. Developing a supportive working environment is covered next. Finally, we review the importance of task delegation and conflict resolution.

You Will Learn:

    • The steps to take to ensure that you are hiring the right people
    • The specific roles that each team member plays
    • The challenges that you may come across while trying to delegate important tasks
    • Tips on how to delegate your tasks effectively to ensure the greatest possible productivity
    • Additional tips on how to resolve most workplace conflicts, regardless of personality types

Benefits of Taking This Course:

    • Understanding more about hiring by personality type and how to put together the perfect team
    • Learning how to motivate differing personality types to get projects done
    • Understanding more about creating a productive, positive and strong workplace culture
    • Learning how to delegate by personality type and skill set, as opposed to who is nearby or is asking for extra work
    • Understanding more about conflict resolution and how to apply those strategies to your workplace
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