Medical Acupuncture

Medical acupuncture is the integration of acupuncture with allied or medical western health practices. Believed to have originated from Europe and Asia, acupuncture is practised in its original and hybrid form. Medical acupuncture is founded on the therapeutic insertion of needles in different patterns and combinations in certain points on the body. Traditional acupuncture principles, such as promoting qi flow — subtle revitalising energy — through channels of acupuncture influence the choice of patterns of needles. Modern concepts are also used in the choice of needle patterns. The two principles are used independently or together.The integration of traditional acupuncture principles and modern medical approaches to form hybrid acupuncture is the basis of medical acupuncture. It is also important to its success. This course focuses on medical acupuncture. Firstly, we describe what it is and how it comes about. Next, the course briefly looks into the history of acupuncture. It explains the physiology of acupuncture and provides detailed information on acupuncture needles. It also states the benefits of medical acupuncture and provides a few effects of the practice.

You Will Learn:

    • What medical acupuncture is and how it comes about
    • About the history of acupuncture
    • How acupuncture works
    • About acupuncture needles
    • The benefits of medical acupuncture
    • The effects of medical acupuncture

Benefits of Taking This Course:

    • Taking this course will help you:

    • Know what medical acupuncture is
    • Learn its origin and how it works
    • Learn the importance of engaging in medical acupuncture
    • Learn how medical acupuncture can help you
    • Know the effects of medical acupuncture and how safe it is
    • Develop an interest in learning more about the practice
    • Determine whether you want to take up acupuncture as a career
    • Determine whether acupuncture can help treat your health condition
    • Determine whether you want to conduct a study on acupuncture or medical acupuncture and its outcomes
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