Medical Secretary Certification

For someone who enjoys working in a medical environment, has good organisational and time management skills and a caring and sunny disposition, the Medical Secretarial Certification course will provide the ideal mix of specialised skills. Responsible for making patient appointments, maintaining doctors’ schedules and meeting and greeting patients in the doctors’ surgeries, the medical secretary is a vital link in the cycle of patient care.

What’s Covered in the Course?

This course provides the knowledge and understanding that a medical secretary needs, in order to provide the appropriate level of support. It includes:

    • The daily duties of a medical secretary: the job profile and the attributes needed;


    • How to manage appointment bookings, why scheduling is important and setting reminders;


    • The filing systems used in medical practices and setting up an effective filing system;


    • The importance of patient confidentiality and patient privacy;


    • The purpose, benefits and management of accurate and complete medical records;


    • Medical jargon and terminology;


    • Information technology used in the medical profession, basic computer use, electronic prescriptions and patient registrations;


    • Maintenance and storage of medical records;


    • Health and safety in the workplace;


    • Medical supplies and inventory management;


    • Communication skills for an effective medical secretary;


    • Legal and ethical issues in medical practice;


    • Medical (clinical) coding, billing and important aspects of medical administration;


    • Career information and prospects.



What are the Benefits of the Course?


    • Specialised medical secretarial skills that are job-specific;


    • The medical secretary certificate is studied online using any device (PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone) with access to the internet, enabling the staff member to study from anywhere, at any time and at their own pace – there are no schedules or deadlines.


    • Once the student is satisfied that they have mastered the course material, they will complete a multiple choice test and, upon passing it, will be able to immediately download and print out the course certificate. All certificates are verifiable by employers who can visit the course website and type in the certificate number, in to confirm the student’s status.


    • Easy-to-learn and manage modules, containing comprehensive information;


    • Access to online support during the course and lifetime access to modules, so they can be referred to at a later date.
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