Mobile and Portable Device Security Certification

An understanding of mobile and portable device security is vital for everyone at home and in the modern workplace, whether in an administrative or end-user capacity.This course provides a comprehensive insight into every aspect of mobile and portable device security, including the history and background of security threats as well as the definition of the devices and threats involved.From the very real consequences of vulnerability to how to practically ensure a secure mobile device, this course covers every aspect all role players must know.

You Will Learn

    • A comprehensive definition and history of mobile and portable device security
    • A broad insight into the nature and function of each device as it pertains to security
    • All about the specific safety threats and the impact they have
    • How to ensure mobile safety in both a personal and professional context
    • The importance of understanding security vulnerability and how to avoid it

Benefits of Taking This Course

    • You will be able to implement a comprehensive mobile and portable device security campaign in your company and in your private life
    • You will understand the current mobile and portable device security threats and the techniques to avoid them
    • You will be able to ensure the safety of mobile and portable devices in your own life and at the workplace
    • You will be able to identify vulnerable areas and provide solutions to avoid risks
    • You will understand the importance of taking precautions and maintaining regular mobile device security at all times
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