Motivating Colleagues to Perform Certification

For a company that wants a motivated workforce, there is a need to understand what it is that motivates them. To achieve better performance and increased productivity, employers need to know the concepts and principles of motivation and how best to correctly apply them. A motivated workforce is generally a happy workforce, performs better and stays with the business longer.This course looks at all aspects of the motivation process, including identifying the motivating factors, motivational tools and targets and the rewards for the employee and the business. It is of particular benefit to team leaders and managers, as well as any staff involved in employee policies.

What’s Covered in the Course?

Your team members will cover the following pertinent topics, as they study this course:

    • An understanding of the different types of people and discover what makes them want to work and what motivates them to get things done;
    • How to assess a person or group of people in terms of their levels of motivation or demotivation and how to deal with either one;
    • How to boost the motivation of employees and how to recognise situations and circumstances that interfere with motivation, so that they can be effectively dealt with;
    • How to create sustainable and workable motivation that is personal to the individual and also works towards the company’s goals;
    • An exploration of the various types of psychological models of motivation commonly used by businesses in today’s society and how to use them in the workplace;
    • How to modify leadership skills and techniques, so that they align with the team and each person and what would be most effective for everyone involved;
    • How to find ways to effectively lead that are motivating and empowering for both the individuals on a team and the team as a whole.

What are the Benefits of the Course?

Benefits that your employee will gain, as they study this course include:

    • The employee will understand the need for and how to deliver a motivating environment, whereby work is satisfying and rewarding for everyone;
    • Successful application of the course’s teaching will result in happier staff, who are productive and stay with the company longer;
    • Productivity increases and, in turn, so does the company’s bottom line;
    • This online course is available via any internet-enabled device; it has 5 modules and can be studied flexibly;
    • All employees who successfully complete the course will be awarded with an accredited certificate.
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