Onboarding Tools Certification

Onboarding is a crucial part of the recruitment process. Everyone, regardless of role or industry, should go through the onboarding process. These programmes are more in-depth than normal training courses, giving your new staff members valuable information about your company, their role within it and the corporate culture. Studies show that companies that offer these programmes have higher levels of employee retention and satisfaction. Many human resources departments across the UK are adopting these programmes for that reason, with the goal of increasing the chances that new employees see success early on. This course goes into detail about the onboarding tools that your organisation needs, in order to effectively and efficiently manage your new employees. It begins by giving you a brief overview of the concept of onboarding, including a definition and its importance in the workplace. Next, it covers the tools that you should use for receiving and delivering information to your new staff members. The tools that you can use to track their progress are also discussed in detail. Finally, we will give you the information that you need, in order to choose the best onboarding tools for your organisation’s unique needs.

You will Learn:

    • The role of technology in
    • How you can use digital forms in order to make the onboarding process easier
    • Information regarding learning management systems and how they can be of use
    • How to use checklists and Excel in order to track progress
    • Why you should not focus on price
    • Why you need to think about how often these onboarding programmes are likely to be used

Benefits of taking this Course:

    • Understanding more about the importance of
    • Why and how to use videos in your onboarding
    • Learning how RACI can be applied to the onboarding process
    • What specific company needs you should consider when choosing onboarding tools
    • Understanding exactly what onboarding is and how it applies to every industry
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