PA Telephone Skills Certification

Learning PA telephone skills is absolutely essential for current and aspiring personal assistants looking to refine their craft and sharpen their telephone skills. It is also important for managers and supervisors who are looking for tips to improve the overall performance of their PAs. This course provides a comprehensive guide to essential PA telephone skills, such as making the best first impressions, taking messages effectively, and being organised and calm under pressure. From the most professional greetings to use, having the right timing and how to be genuinely charming, to the ways of taking and delivering messages properly, this course covers everything you need to know about effective PA telephone skills.

You Will Learn:

    • How to make the best first impression by using the right greetings and being charming
    • The perfect timing when taking calls
    • How to be organised and efficient when taking and delivering messages
    • How to be calm and professional under pressure

Benefits of Taking This Course:

    • You will have the skills to help you in your PA role
    • You could improve your chances of receiving a promotion
    • You will improve your relationship with your boss and ensure a smooth office process
    • You will avoid the potentially devastating consequences of jeopardising important company relationships
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