Payroll Systems the Basics

The role of payroll in modern businesses cannot be understated. Every business with employees, whether it has just a couple of workers or hundreds of staff, must run a payroll. It does not just help pay employees accurately, keep transaction records or remit and file taxes, but offers many other benefits to business owners.Payroll systems play important roles in businesses, including avoiding fines, penalties and even legal action. Therefore, small and large businesses alike should work on an effective and efficient payroll.

This course has been designed to introduce you to the basics of payroll and payroll systems. First, it defines the term payroll and differentiates it from a payroll system.Next, we explain how a payroll works and the various functions it performs to help businesses accomplish different aspects of operations. It also covers the various benefits of payroll systems and how business owners can choose the right payroll system that meets specific business needs.

You Will Learn:

  • The definition of payroll
  • The various payroll tasks
  • The role of payroll in business operations
  • The definition of a payroll system and its varied functions
  • The benefits of payroll systems to small, medium and large businesses
  • How to choose the right payroll system for specific business needs

Benefits of Taking the Course

    Taking the course will help you:

  • Learn fundamental basics of payroll and payroll systems
  • Understand how payroll and payroll systems work
  • Learn the various functions of a payroll system
  • Learn the benefits of payroll systems in modern businesses
  • Develop enthusiasm and motivation to learn more about payrolls and accounting
  • Determine if you’re interested in the subject enough to explore accounting or take it up as a career in the future
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