Personal Finance

Personal finance involves individual budgeting, saving and spending money, with illness, job loss and reduced business in mind. It can involve a group of people or individuals. It teaches individuals how to use their hard-earned money. It is a large subject that can also involve management of finances to help increase wealth.With a proper plan, personal income can be spent wisely. A percentage of the money can go into saving for emergencies, such as job loss and preparation for retirement. The same income can also be used to sustain daily and monthly needs, such as paying rent and buying clothes. This course has been developed to help you manage your finances wisely.rnFirstly, it defines personal finance and what it is all about. Next, it covers the process of personal financial planning to help you manage your income. The principles of personal finance are also stated. The course also covers the focus areas of personal finance that you should know about. Proper personal financial planning tips are also covered. Finally, we discuss the various benefits of personal finance to both individuals and groups.

You Will Learn:

    • The definition of personal finance and what it entails
    • The personal financial planning process
    • The principles of personal finance
    • The main focus areas of personal finance
    • Tips for proper personal financial planning
    • The benefits of personal finance

Benefits of This Course:

    Taking this course will help you:

  • Understand personal finance
  • Develop proper personal finance skills
  • Learn how to plan for proper income use
  • Learn the process of developing a proper personal finance plan
  • Learn the essence of personal finance
  • Know the benefits of personal finance
  • Understand how personal finance can guide how you spend your money
  • Learn how to spend money wisely and avoid wasting resources
  • Avoid impulse buying
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