Problem Solving Certification

Problem solving is a skill that you need in every single area of your life. From facing unexpected issues at home to confronting workplace challenges, problem solving skills are essential. For those in the business world, not having these skills can be the difference between lucrative success and massive failure. Coming up with ways in which to identify, address and solve problems is not always easy. Thankfully, there are a few key techniques and methods that you can master, making problem solving a much less daunting task.

This course goes into detail regarding problem solving, including the important problem solving skills that you need to develop. We begin by giving you a brief introduction to problem solving, along with a discussion of the very basic steps involved. Next, we discuss the process that you can go through in order to identify why a problem is occurring, along with a step-by-step guide to implementing this strategy in your life. We also review a four-phase problem solving technique that is commonly used in workplaces across the UK. Finally, we review the five steps you need to correct an issue once you have identified it.

You will Learn:

    • The basic steps involved in solving any problem
    • How to determine the root cause of any issue
    • How to use one of the most popular problem solving methods currently used in most industries across the country
    • How to come up with a series of solutions that may address the issue
    • The importance of post-implementation testing and evaluation

Benefits of Taking this Course:

    • Learning how to use the five whys of root cause analysis in order to quickly identify the true issue
    • Learning the four phases of the PDCA problem solving model
    • Understanding the role of collaboration in problem solving attempts
    • Learning why you should not rush or judge yourself during the ideas generation process
    • Learning what steps to take if the first potential solution does not address or solve the problem at hand
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