Product Pricing & Sales Negotiation Certification

Setting the correct pricing can result in a host of important business implications. Evaluating the pricing for your product is not only important from the point of view of profits, but also with how it fits in with your marketing strategies. Charging a fair price for your product or service involves evaluating perceptions and understanding the market. Several factors play a role in deciding the pricing of your product including competitors’ rates, your experience and brand name, value perceptions and negotiated rate and so on.In fact, many small businesses leverage pricing to change market share, generate revenue and compete in the market. Pricing is much more than justifying the bottom line; it can help establish your market position and help set the stage for future business strategy.

What’s Covered in the Course?

The course on pricing strategy covers the following topics:

    • The difference between haggling and negotiation and how to use the good-cop, bad-cop routine successfully during negotiations
    • The advantages of naming the price first and how you can lead the negotiation and fix range parameters
    • Best pricing strategies for Kindle and paperback books
    • How freelancers should price their books in the beginning and when they should increase the prices
    • How to use discounts and promotions and the role of value perception in setting price
    • How to price apps and understanding SEO algorithms on ecommerce sites
    • Price tactics and suggestions to extend lifetime value of your customers

The video course on pricing strategy offers the following benefits

    • You can reinforce your position during negotiations by understanding your customer better
    • You can avoid pricing mistakes that may affect your bottom line
    • You will gain a better understanding of the factors that affect pricing strategy that in turn impact business outcomes
    • You understand how to price your products on popular ecommerce sites

By understanding pricing strategies and tips, you put yourself in a better market position and can plan for future diversion or expansion.

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