Professional Retail Management Certification

The Professional Retail Management Certification course is a 19 module online course, designed to prepare the employee for a career in retail management. From sales to marketing, merchandising to pricing, customer service to staffing, this course provides the required knowledge and skills, to enter into or advance in the exciting world of retail sales management.

What’s Covered in the Course?

Some of the aspects that the team member can expect to learn include:

    • An insight into retail management – what it is and why it is important today;
    • An understanding of the impact of merchandising and pricing within the business;
    • Sales, working at a point of sale, attitude and customer service;
    • How to identify different customer behaviours, to ensure that the business provides its clients with the best service at all times;
    • Customer communication and how important this is to the success of the business;
    • The retail environment and what to expect – the do’s and don’ts that your employee should respect;
    • How to build a long term relationship with the organisation’s customers;
    • The importance of stock management and how to effectively manage stock;
    • Insider knowledge into choosing an ideal store location;
    • The importance of proper store layout and design;
    • The logistics of supplying and receiving stock;
    • Retail security systems and the procedures that must be in place;
    • How to build a successful team and the importance of team communication;
    • Multi-channel retailing and retail marketing and how this can help to boost the business;
    • The importance of brand management;
    • The essential health and safety procedures that must be in place;
    • The trading constitution and customer laws relating to your business.


What are the Benefits of the Course?

    • Up-to-date course content on the UK retail environment, its opportunities and threats;
    • Upon successful completion of the course, your employee is awarded an industry-recognised certification;
    • Online support throughout your employee’s studies, with lifetime access to the learning materials.
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