Project Development and Testing

Once a project officially kicks-off, it enters the development stage. This is essentially the phase at which the project begins to slowly materialise, with team members actively working towards achieving the goal. At this point, stakeholders have been consulted, the project has been pitched and accepted, and it is now time to move into the development phase. During the development stage, a project will go through its conception, initiation, implementation and follow-up phases. At some point during the development stage, team members will begin to create test scenarios, which will lead into the testing phase. The testing phase is the examination and investigation period of a project, which is intended to inform stakeholders of performance levels and allow them to evaluate potential failure risks. In this course, we will identify and study the key aspects that are needed for the successful completion of a project and the importance of project testing.

What we will learn in this course:

  • The phases of project development: initiation, planning, design, execution, implementation, testing and monitoring
  • How to develop a project concept
  • The importance of time and communication management
  • The need for project testing

The benefits of this course are:

    • You will understand the phases of project development and testing, which will help in building a proper project plan
    • You will learn how to put together a project concept easily and effectively
    • You will learn how to implement a time and communication management plan that will help team members stay on track
    • You will understand the importance of project testing and what happens if parts of the project are neglected
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