Project Management Foundation (Small Projects) Certification

Despite the importance of project management, many workplaces do not spend time investing in small-scale project management. Smaller projects are then left without someone in charge, which only invites disorder and chaos. Project management ensures that everything goes smoothly, including the development and delivery of the product to the client. Effective management can also cut costs and prevent wasted time by focusing on the ultimate goal and taking steps to make it happen. When a team is left without leadership, things can soon become unfocused and disorganised. This course gives you a solid foundation in project management, focusing on small projects. We go into detail about the general steps you need to take, giving you valuable information you can use to start managing projects effectively. The course begins by discussing how to define and plan the project. Next, we discuss the steps you need to take to complete the project, including how to keep the project running well and on time. We also review the importance of flexibility in project management. Finally, we let you know how to purchase software programs that you can use to make project management much easier.

You will Learn:

    • How small projects are different to large-scale ones
    • The steps involved in effective small project management
    • The best time to set your budget
    • How to schedule your project
    • The qualities you need to learn for your project to run smoothly

Benefits of Taking this Course

    • Learning how to create a purpose statement and why this is important
    • Understanding the factors you need to consider when setting your scope
    • Learning how to build a team that can be successful
    • Understanding the importance of contingency time
    • Learning how to find the best project management software to help with projects of this scale
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