Public Speaking Certification

One of the most feared tasks by employees at all levels in every kind of business is having to speak in public. The employee might be exceptional at their job and have all the information required, but the act of presenting in front of an audience can reduce them to a bag of nerves. Nobody is able to deliver an effective presentation, if they are not equipped to deal with the emotional trauma of public speaking. The employee is representing the business, so it is important that they are prepared and have the required skills and tools. It may be that the person never overcomes the fear of public speaking, but this course is designed to provide the employee with the confidence and capability to be able to present. The course is beneficial to anyone in your organisation who needs to improve their public speaking skills, in order to better represent the business.

What’s Covered in the Course?

Employees undertaking this course can expect to cover the following:

    • The most effective ways in which to prepare emotionally and practically, in order to deliver a good presentation;
    • Identification of the methods that enhance the credibility, authority and appeal of the speaker during public speaking events;
    • Tools and techniques that enable preparation and planning, in order to improve the quality of a public presentation, to better engage the audience;
    • How to use the voice and the body, in order to make an authentic connection with the audience during a presentation;
    • The best ways in which to open and close a presentation, in order to optimise the effectiveness of the material being presented;
    • The psychological techniques that enable a speaker to relax and how that influences the audience;
    • The best techniques and tips for preparing and presenting presentation materials and visual aids that are suitable to the audience for whom the presentation is intended.

What are the Benefits of the Course?

Here are just some of the many benefits that you can expect from this course:

    • The employee gains confidence in their own ability to perform in public, resulting in better and more engaging presentations;
    • Through better presentations, there is a better response to the material and, therefore, a greater likelihood of achieving the presentation’s goal;
    • The employee gains a valuable professional and personal skill that benefits the business;
    • The course can be studied in the learner’s own time, via an internet connection;
    • Course materials will be available to the employee indefinitely.
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