Recruitment Strategies Certification

Now, more than ever, attracting and retaining the right type of staff is vital to the ongoing success of your business. High turnover, poor morale and employees who fail to pull their weight can all be issues, if you do not spend the time and money necessary to recruit properly. Understanding the various recruitment strategies available to you can help you find the best possible employees.This course provides you with comprehensive information about the various recruitment strategies that are available to you as a company owner. It begins by introducing you to the topic of recruitment, along with why it is an important area to focus on.Next, the course covers the options available to you in terms of recruitment methods.It also covers the best ways in which to find ideal candidates for an open position.Finally, the course covers interview styles that you may wish to incorporate into your own hiring practices.

You will Learn:

    • How to write a job description;
    • Details about choosing the right amount of compensation for open positions;
    • Information about three of the most popular recruitment options;
    • Information on where to place your job adverts, in order to guarantee success;
    • The ethical and legal considerations that you need to keep in mind;
    • Information about the most common interview style that is used today;

Benefits of Taking this Course

    • Learning about the first steps that you need to take, in order to ensure successful recruitment;
    • Understanding the differences between and benefits of direct hiring, turning to a recruitment agency and using a headhunter to fill open positions;
    • Learning how to conduct due diligence on applicants to whom you are considering extending a job offer;
    • Gaining knowledge about the legislative requirements governing the recruitment and hiring process, including information about anti-discrimination laws that you need to know;
    • Learning about additional interviewing styles, including competency interviews and behavioural interviews, along with the benefits of each approach.
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