Reddit Marketing Certification

Reddit is extremely important for your marketing strategy and can help drive traffic to your business. Ranked sixth globally in terms of monthly visitors (according to Wikipedia – February 2018), Reddit’s popularity and demographic establish it as a useful marketing tool.When you learn how to use the different features of Reddit, you can count on getting a huge number of hits – mostly upwards of 100,000 and even up to 1 million. What’s more, most people who use Reddit are also likely to share your information with others.The most important thing after building your business is to advertise your products, content and services, so that people are aware of how they can benefit from you.

What’s Covered in the Course?

This video course on Reddit will explain the following important information:

    • How to sign up for an account and why you should post on Reddit – advantages for your business marketing;
    • How to increase your comment karma, as well as post karma on Reddit, by posting good content;
    • How to create engaging and interesting posts, as well as Reddit adverts;
    • How to follow guidelines, do’s and don’ts on Reddit, in order to collect upvotes;
    • How to use the Reddit gold subscription, and the benefits of using it,
    • How to sell your content on Reddit and earn revenue from Fiverr using Reddit;
    • How to create and popularise subreddits.

This video course offers the following benefits

Familiarising yourself with Reddit offers several benefits, including:

    • With 60 million users every month, Reddit is a reliable online tool to market your content or product;
    • You can effectively learn how to leverage the tools, to research your target audience;
    • Extensive customer outreach and lead generation;
    • Establishing your brand image, building a reputation and creating a community.

Reddit boasts a niche audience for different products and services and can help significantly boost website traffic, when you post high quality content that promotes engagement and interest.

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