Safeguarding Children Certification

Every child has the right to live a life free from abuse. Sadly, many children are mistreated, often by those closest to them. Child abuse, which takes several different forms, has long-lasting repercussions. For example, adults who have been abused as children are significantly more likely to develop mental health problems. They are also at increased risk of perpetrating abuse against others.Fortunately, effective safeguarding can prevent child abuse. It also offers a framework that encourages prompt reporting, which can save a child from further suffering. This course outlines how safeguarding works to support children’s wellbeing, how to identify abuse and what to do if you suspect that a child is being mistreated.

You Will Learn:-

    • What “safeguarding” means, why children are a vulnerable group and who has a responsibility to protect them from harm.
    • The different forms child abuse can take, including emotional and sexual abuse.
    • How you can identify the most common signs of child abuse.
    • What you should do if you know or suspect that a child is being abused.
    • Why the internet poses safety risks and how to safeguard children who use the internet.

Benefits Of Taking This Course:-

    • If you are responsible for the care of children, whether in your personal or professional life, this course will help you keep them safe.
    • If you are considering starting a career in a childcare or education-based field, this course will prepare you to understand and meet your safeguarding duties.
    • You will be in a position to help victims of abuse, allowing you to make an enormous difference to their long-term health and wellbeing.
    • Your new knowledge will enable you to navigate media discourse and debates around child protection and safeguarding.
    • You will be in a position to teach others how to safeguard children.
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