Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

As society ages, and advancements in medical treatments ensure longer lifespans, the risk of adults being vulnerable to abuse, neglect and exploitation increases. This is why safeguarding vulnerable adults is crucial, on both an individual level and a community level.It is important to learn and understand the different types of abuse that vulnerable adults may face, how to spot these types of abuse and how to prevent them from occurring. People who take the time to learn about how to safeguard vulnerable adults benefit by learning how to protect a vulnerable part of society and ensure that it receives optimal care.In this course, we will go into detail on how good safeguarding differs from poor safeguarding and patient care, the different types of abuse and what makes up each type of abuse.We begin by explaining the differences between good and bad safeguarding methods. Next, we explain the different types of abuse, how to spot the various forms of abuse and the benefits of good safeguarding practices. Finally, we provide some steps to help you effectively safeguard vulnerable adults and offer tips and advice on what to do.

You Will Learn:

  • The importance of safeguarding vulnerable adult patients
  • The types of abuse and neglect
  • How to spot and prevent these types of abuse
  • The benefits of good safeguarding methods and tips to help improve safeguarding practices in various healthcare settings

The Benefits of Taking This Course:

  • You will see how certain groups are often harmed
  • You will learn how to assess and prevent these types of abuse
  • You will be able to determine how to implement good safeguarding practices
  • You will learn the importance of patients’ rights
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