SEND Certification

Teaching is an important part of childhood development, but not everyone learns in the same way. With the SEND Certification programme, you can provide your teaching staff with the tools they need, in order to understand alternative teaching methods and improve the success of their students. Special educational needs are becoming more prevalent and require special attention, and this multi-level programme is designed to go through the fundamentals of inclusion and designing lessons, in order to meet the needs of all students.

What’s Covered in the Course?

This certification programme has a total of 22 modules and covers a wealth of information related to SEND. Here’s just some of what your staff will cover in the course:

    • An introduction and background to SEND, along with an outline of the different types of learning needs, which gives the foundation for teaching staff to move forward with the programme material;
    • Theories of learning and how they can be applied in a classroom setting;
    • SEND codes of conduct and teacher responsibility, so you can be sure that your staff are held accountable to the highest standards;
    • A focus on several learning challenges, including dyslexia, autism and ADHD;
    • Alternative teaching strategies for students with a range of special needs, including communication challenges, emotional and behavioural struggles and physical and sensory difficulties;
    • Important learning outcomes, such as how to understand specific needs and learning difficulties and adapt the curriculum accordingly, in order to include the best strategies for these learning difficulties;
    • How to recognise and assess student learning challenges and the best approaches for offering educational support.


What are the Benefits of the Course?

Not convinced? Here are some of the benefits of taking the course:

    • The programme will provide your staff with the required knowledge base, to enable them to work with SEND students immediately after completion of the programme.
    • A user-friendly format that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, so your staff can learn no matter where they are;
    • Upon successful completion of the course, educators will have the required skills, in order to understand and cater for special learning needs, improving learning outcomes and student success;
    • Students will benefit from a more inclusive learning environment, once the tools learnt in the SEND Certification are implemented, making it a better place in which to learn;
    • Aside from the improved understanding of diverse learning needs, this certification can lead to better employee satisfaction, which benefits everyone, including your organisation.
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