Sepsis Awareness Certification

Sepsis is a horrifying disease that affects over 30 million people worldwide. As many as 44,000 people in the UK die every year because of the illness and its complications. While experts know how it occurs – the body attacks itself in response to an infection – no one really understands why it happens. Unfortunately, the result is a potentially deadly disease that can strike at any time. The best way to treat and prevent future cases is to learn everything you can about the ailment.

This course goes into detail about sepsis. We begin by discussing the various risk factors that could make someone more susceptible to sepsis. Next, we review the major signs and symptoms of sepsis, giving you information on when treatment should be started. The course also reviews the various ways medical staff and patients can reduce the risk of developing sepsis. Finally, we talk about the treatment options that are available.

You Will Learn:

    • Which groups are at the highest risk of developing sepsis following an initial infection
    • How to properly clean a wound or burn to reduce the risk of an infection
    • What the three stages of sepsis are, along with the signs and symptoms present at each stage
    • How sepsis can be prevented, and the importance of antibiotics
    • What the specific courses of treatment for sepsis are

Benefits of Taking This Course:

    • You will be able to identify risk factors which make people vulnerable to sepsis
    • You will understand the various ways you can prevent infections from occurring
    • You will understand why it is so important to take antibiotics exactly as prescribed
    • You will know more about the treatment methods for sepsis
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