Social Media Marketing Certification

The marketing landscape has changed exponentially in the last decade, with the rise in social media usage and popularity. While 10 years ago, using platforms like Facebook and Twitter were used as advertising options, nowadays, the first choice of marketing is always via social media.Most marketers will admit that social media marketing is an important element of their business and primary service that is provided. According to Social Media Examiner, the majority of marketers around the world are participating in social media. However, with all the various social media platforms, it is often challenging having to navigate successfully through each one as a marketer. Obviously, the primary goal of the seller plays a big part in deciding which platform ought to be used for best consumer outreach. But each platform has its own nuances, niches and method of operation.Once a marketer identifies the best way to navigate through each platform, the benefits of social media marketing are unbeatable. Let’s take a look at what we will learn in this social media marketing course:

What you will learn:

    • How to increase brand recognition through social media marketingSEO
    • How to use social media to boost website SEO
    • How to decrease marketing costs with the use of social media marketing
    • How to ensure better customer experience and satisfaction through social media marketing

Benefits of this course:

    • Know how to use social media tools and resources to raise brand awareness
    • Identify hidden costs and learn to decrease costs
    • Understand why enhanced customer service will result in better business
    • Understand the complexity of social media marketing and marketing in general
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