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Strategic Planning/Mission Statement

Mission statements are important aspects of businesses, especially start-ups. They describe many elements of businesses, including why they are in operation. Strategic planning also goes hand in hand with the creation and delivery of mission statements. It guides businesses and their operations in many ways. It can be the link between a business and its success.

This course has been tailored to introduce mission statements and strategic planning and their roles in businesses. First, we explain the phrase “mission statement” and give a detailed description of what it is. The course also defines a strategic plan and states the main components of mission statements to help better understand the concept. Next, we briefly describe how to create a mission statement and provide a sample statement to better understand the idea under exploration. We also explain how a business can create a good strategic plan to aid in the realisation of its mission statement. The course also explains the link between a strategic plan and mission statements. We also discuss what happens when a strategic plan fails or a business is unable to realise its mission statement either wholly or in part. Different terms related to strategic planning such as mission, vision and values have also been differentiated. Finally, we cover the benefits of strategic planning and mission statements in any business.

You Will Learn:

    • The definition of strategic planning and mission statements
    • What a mission plan or strategic planning entails
    • The difference between a strategic plan and a mission statement
    • The main components of a mission statement and how to create one
    • How to create a mission statement and a strategic plan
    • The relationship between a strategic plan and mission statements
    • What happens in case a mission statement or strategic plan fails
    • The differences between various terms such as mission, vision, strategy, values and a balanced scorecard
    • The benefits of strategic planning and writing mission statements

Benefits of Taking the Course

    Taking the course will help you:
  • Understand mission statements and strategic planning
  • Understand the essence of the two in business operations
  • Learn to develop your own mission statements and strategic plans
  • Learn what to do in case an existing company mission fails
  • Prepare to run your business venture in the future
  • Develop an interest in taking up a business course or career along those lines
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