Termination of Employment Certification

Terminating employment is an unfortunate part of any manager’s job. While you may strive to only recruit the best staff, the reality is that not everyone is a good fit for your company or its needs. After you go through disciplinary measures and put staff through coaching, there is a point where you simply need to move on. This is a very difficult task job, one that many managers actively avoid, which can put a strain on the rest of the office. Learning about the legal and practical aspects of employee termination can help make the process easier. This course goes into detail about each aspect of employee termination. It begins by giving you a brief overview of the legal aspects that you need to keep in mind, when considering termination of employment. Next, it covers the financial implications of dismissing an employee, helping you understand the costs involved. The level of involvement that your human resources department should have is also discussed in detail. Finally, we review the more practical aspects of termination of employment, giving you the tools that you need, in order to have that conversation.

You will Learn:

  • The reasons for fair dismissal
  • Information regarding required notice periods, including statutory and contractual ones
  • The steps that your human resources department needs to take, before you can terminate employment
  • Why there is paperwork required, and what you should prepare before your meeting
  • How to tell a staff member that they have been dismissed
  • Who should be with you in that meeting

Benefits of taking this Course:

    • Understanding the difference between fair and unfair dismissal
    • Learning what constructive dismissal is, so you can avoid it, where possible
    • Understanding why you may wish to offer dismissed employees extra pay or extended benefits
    • When you should contact security, in order to escort a dismissed employee off the premises
    • How to inform the remaining staff of the change in personnel
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