The Complete Business Management Diploma

If you are an employer or work in management, you need to learn how to meet your obligations under the law when dealing with employees at all stages of the employment cycle, from recruitment to termination.This bundle provides you with a comprehensive guide to a wide array of HR and management skills. You will learn how to recruit employees, compensate them appropriately, how to manage your payroll system, how to manage teams, how to motivate employees and how to handle grievances.

What You Will Learn

This combined course includes the following:

    • Contracts Of Employment
    • Developing Compensation Packages
    • Developing Employees
    • Discipline & Grievances
    • Employment Termination Payments
    • Essential Skills For First-Time Managers
    • How to Effectively Motivate Your Employees
    • HR: Creating an Employee Handbook
    • Managing Virtual Teams
    • Payroll: How to Calculate Net & Gross Pay
    • Payroll: Legal Obligations
    • Recruitment Strategies
    • Understanding the PAYE System
    • Wages & Benefits

Contracts of Employment

Employees and employers rely on contracts of employment to clarify the terms and conditions governing the nature of an employee’s work. You will learn what should be covered in a contract, the details an employer must report to HMRC and how the PAYE system facilitates payment of wages.

Developing Compensation Packages

As an employer, you must put together an attractive compensation package if you are to retain and attract talented workers. In this course, you will learn what you must pay according to the law, the types of benefits you can provide for your staff and how to reward your best employees.Developing EmployeesContinuous learning promotes employee success. This course explains how development programmes can build on an employee’s existing skills and how you can create a development programme that fits your company’s needs. You will also learn how to evaluate and refine your existing programmes.

Discipline & Grievances

Consistent and fair disciplinary protocols are essential in the maintenance of a productive working environment. You will learn how to adopt a progressive approach to discipline, how to conduct a balanced disciplinary hearing, how to manage grievances on a formal and informal basis and how to audit your procedures.

Employment Termination Payments

All employers will have to process employment termination payments from time to time. In this course, you will learn about the laws governing termination payments, how to ensure payments are properly processed and when you should seek additional help. You will also learn how to tax and report termination payments to HMRC.

Essential Skills for First-Time Managers

First-time managers often have little time in which to learn the skills necessary to lead a team. This course outlines everything a new manager needs to know. You will learn how to delegate tasks, motivate a team, build relationships with those you supervise and how to adopt the right mindset for success.

How to Effectively Motivate Your Employees

Motivated workers are more productive than disengaged employees, more loyal to their company and take fewer sick days. In this course, you will learn what motivates employees, how to increase employee motivation and how you can utilise two theories of motivation in your everyday management practices.

HR: Creating an Employee Handbook

Employee handbooks provide workers with a comprehensive outline of their duties in the workplace. This course will take you step-by-step through the process of drawing up a handbook. You will learn what information you should include and why you may need to seek legal advice.

Managing Virtual Teams

Managing remote teams can present several challenges for managers. In this course, you will learn how to supervise remote workers. You will discover how to set expectations around work and conduct, boost morale and choose the right tools that facilitate ongoing communication between all team members.

Payroll: How to Calculate Net & Gross Pay

Payroll software now automates most payroll functions, but it is still important to understand the difference between net and gross pay. In this course, you will learn what both these terms mean and how both types of pay are calculated. You will also learn when you should manually check your payroll figures and how to choose payroll software.

Payroll: Legal Obligations Associated With Payroll Systems

All businesses must use a payroll system to pay staff wages. There are numerous HMRC rules and regulations governing this area. In this course, you will learn about your obligations under the law. You will learn about the main tasks that make up a payroll system and how the PAYE system works.

Recruitment Strategies

To find the best staff, you need to formulate a sound recruitment strategy. This course will teach you how to write good job descriptions, how to choose from the three most popular recruitment options and where to place job advertisements. You will also learn about key legislation that ensures fair recruitment practices.

Understanding the PAYE System

All workers and employers in the UK, including the self-employed, are part of the PAYE system. This system is designed to make the process of paying tax, National Insurance and other deductions simple. You will learn how the PAYE system functions, how tax codes work and how self-employed people pay taxes.

Wages & Benefits

If you are an employer, you must make sure that your workers’ benefits and wages are handled lawfully. In this course, you will learn about the laws concerning wages and benefits, including the National Minimum Wage, the distribution of tips in the workplace, pensions and childcare allowances.

The Benefits of Our Management & HR Bundle

    • If you are an employer, this bundle will help you meet your legal obligations.
    • If you work in HR, this bundle will provide you with a useful, practical overview of key HR duties.
    • If you are responsible for leading others, these bundles will help you get the best possible performance from your team.
    • If you are interested in employment law, this bundle will provide you with a useful general introduction to employee rights.
    • If you are an employee, this bundle will help you learn more about your rights at work.
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