The Complete Microsoft Office Certification

This all-inclusive 90 hour course consists of 6 information packed lessons, each of which is made up of over 30 modules. Upon completion of this course, learners will be able to master each one of these important pieces of software. This online course can be completed from anywhere on your business’s schedule. The Complete Microsoft Office Certification firstly introduces you to Microsoft Excel, with a beginner, intermediate and then advanced certification. Through these three lessons, team members become experts in Excel, from simple tricks to using advanced functions. Next, they study Microsoft Word, and, through this certification, they’ll learn how to quickly create impressive documents. The following lesson will cover how to use Microsoft PowerPoint, teaching how to create professional and effective presentations. The final aspect that this course covers is Microsoft Outlook, to enable learners to master this important tool.

What’s Covered in the Course?

Through this combined course, your employees will learn:

    • In the modules covering Microsoft Excel for beginners, they will learn the basics of the programme and everything that they’ll need, in order to get started with more advanced concepts;
    • The following modules will give them an intermediate certification in Excel, by building upon the knowledge gained from the previous section and introducing them to more complicated functions;
    • Next, they’ll receive an advanced certification in Excel, which will prepare them for any position that requires someone who’s proficient in Excel;
    • The Microsoft Word Certificate will give them an advanced understanding of this crucial piece of software;
    • By gaining the Microsoft PowerPoint diploma, they will be able to quickly and efficiently create better slideshows and impress their colleagues with their presentations;
    • The final lesson will earn them a Microsoft Outlook Diploma, whereby they’ll become familiar with all the tips and tricks necessary to effortlessly handle this software.

What are the Benefits of the Course?

There are a range of benefits to successfully completing this course. These benefits include:

    • Achieving the ability to flawlessly operate the Microsoft Office suite;
    • The ability to study at the time and from the place that best suits them;
    • Upon completion of all modules, employees receive an industry-recognised and fully-accredited certification;
    • Study materials are available on all major devices – all that’s required is an internet connection.
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