The Effective Secretary

Secretaries are an integral part of any team. What once started as a simple role of keeping secrets and relaying messages has over time progressed into a career in and of itself. Secretaries are the ones who are responsible for keeping the team organised, informed and working towards the set goals determined by upper management. But there is definitely far more to this simple role than meets the eye. People who take the time to understand what it means to be an effective secretary often benefit from a deeper understanding about the job, develop a better sense of professionalism, and get to perfect their office skills, among many other benefits. Being a secretary is more than paperwork, it comes with many responsibilities and opportunities for growing professionals.

This course will give you all the information you need to become an effective secretary.

You Will Learn:

    • About the different types of secretaries and related professions
    • About the role of an effective secretary and their responsibilities
    • About the certifications, qualities and skills needed to become and effective secretary
    • About the various challenges and perks of working as a secretary for both men and women

The Benefits of Taking This Course:

    • Understand how to develop your skills which will help in various office settings
    • Understand how different industries use secretaries with different skill sets
    • Gain knowledge that can help you become an integral part of any office team
    • Gain a deeper understanding of business, business protocols and the day to day business interactions with clients
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