The Science of Happiness

The path to being happy starts with a change in what you think about happiness. Do you wish you were happier, but it just seems out of reach? This course was created to demystify happiness. Society has told us that happiness is tied to your bank balance and success. While those goals are great to pursue, if you look around yourself, you will see that those factors alone do not determine whether or not someone is happy. Happiness is now – and you can begin pursuing habits that lead to happiness no matter what else you have or don’t have in your life. The purpose of this course is to empower you to find and enjoy happiness wherever you are.This course starts off by giving you a new perspective on what happiness is. We teach you what really affects your happiness and show that you can change your natural happiness level. The course also covers the importance of gratitude, self-love activities and relationships. Limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours that may be standing in the way of your happiness are challenged throughout the course. Completing this course should leave you empowered to pursue true happiness immediately.

You Will Learn:

    • What really determines happiness, according to leading positive psychology researchers
    • How to evaluate your happiness baseline
    • Practical ways to be happier at work, in your friendship and family relationships and when you are by yourself
    • How to set yourself up for happiness and success, instead of sabotaging yourself
    • Why relationships matter in your pursuit of happiness

Benefits of Taking This Course

    • Change your perspective about what happiness is and is not
    • Zero in on the big and little things that make you happy as an individual
    • Learn practical happiness habits to begin developing in your everyday life
    • Develop a more positive outlook on life
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