Time and Priority Management Certification

It is rare in any organisation or business to find a role that does not require time management. Most operations depend on timing in some form and, therefore, an employee who can effectively manage and prioritise their time is always a great asset.When people are set deadlines, they work to achieve them, but it is highly probable that, within your company, you have employees who could push themselves a little further and contribute more, if they had better time management skills. This course is suitable for all levels of employee whose working patterns and processes would be improved with time management knowledge and some relevant time management tools. This also applies to team leaders and managers who are responsible for setting tasks and deadlines for a group of employees, enabling them to prioritise and set achievable deadlines.

What’s Covered in the Course?

Any team member studying this course will cover the following:

    • A comprehensive introduction to time management – what it is and why it’s important in the workplace;
    • Tips and advice on how best to plan and schedule time in the workplace, so that tasks, projects and jobs can be completed in a timely manner;
    • How to place an importance on tasks, so that they can be properly prioritised, so that everything gets done efficiently and on time;
    • Learning why and how to schedule discretionary time and why that’s so important;
    • Information about an employee’s working style and how to use that style, in order to invest in yourself, for a high rate of success;
    • Using effective time management skills, in order to manage others in the workplace, to enable effective delegation and task completion;
    • An understanding of personal time management skills and how to use or improve them, to bring about success in the workplace.


What are the Benefits of the Course?

The main benefits of this course include the following:

    • It equips an employee with the required tools and knowledge, to better prioritise their time and meet deadlines;
    • Good time management results in more efficient working practices;
    • Teamwork is more efficient, when tasks are prioritised and effectively distributed, with an emphasis on achieving deadlines;
    • It is in a modular format, enabling the learner to study at their own pace, on any internet-enabled device;
    • Upon successful completion of the course, the employee will receive an industry-recognised certificate.
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