Working in Teams Certification

Teamwork is the backbone of success for any business. It is the collaborative effort of a number of people, in order to achieve a goal. For the business that wishes to harness the power of teamwork, this course provides an excellent way in which to develop the required skills and knowledge. This course is for the employees of businesses who understand that improved teamwork results in improved quality, increased customer satisfaction and an increase in the bottom line. With a high performing team, the collaboration between resources is maximised, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity. To achieve this, the course focuses on the required leadership skills and strategies, in order to bring a team together and run it at its most efficient. The course is beneficial to those who need to inspire the people whom they lead and provide a supportive environment.

What’s Covered in the Course?

Team members will cover the following topics throughout this short course:

    • How to create a workplace environment that nurtures personal transformation and employee growth;
    • Tips for enhancing and improving team cohesion, enthusiasm, morale and motivation in the workplace;
    • How to improve personal and team satisfaction in the workplace and when tasks are performed;
    • The most effective and inspiring ways in which to communicate at work;
    • How to develop an authentic and empowering leadership style, for effective work in teams;
    • How to evaluate and enhance personal growth and development;
    • How to adapt and adjust a leadership style, so that it meets the specific needs of the situation and the available resources;
    • How to support positive personal interactions and build deeper connections in the workplace;
    • Tips for creating and developing high performance teams that deliver top notch results;
    • How to bring out the best in yourself and the team of people that are being led.


What are the Benefits of the Course?

Any employees studying this course can expect to enjoy the following benefits:

    • Teams run more productively, efficiently and effectively;
    • Inter-and intra-team communication is improved;
    • A supportive environment is created that fosters better team working across the organisation;
    • The course is online and allows the team member to study flexibly;
    • Full support is available online;
    • Upon successfully completing the course, employees will receive an accredited certificate.
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