Working With Aggressive People Certification

Unfortunately, aggressive people are everywhere. Regardless of what your type of job is or your role within your organisation, there is a good chance that you are going to have to work with an aggressive individual at some point.If you are not prepared, this can create a lot of stress and anxiety, which can make work seem unbearable and it can quickly spill over into your personal life.Learning how to cope before it becomes problematic is the best way to handle what could otherwise be a potentially difficult situation.

This course goes into detail about how to work well, even if one or more of your colleagues has an aggressive personality.It begins by discussing the various types of aggression that you are likely to encounter at work.Next, we review a few strategies that are successful when used with aggressive people. One of these strategies is to become more assertive in your own communication, which is covered in detail.Finally, we give you instructions on how to quickly resolve workplace issues to reduce the impact of any aggressive behaviour.

You Will Learn:

    • The difference between hostile expressions, obstructive behaviours and direct aggression
    • How to identify which category of aggressive behaviour you are dealing with at any given time
    • The different ways in which passive-aggressive and overtly aggressive individuals behave at work
    • The best strategies you can use in order to deal with aggressive behaviour
    • The importance of assertive communication at work, especially when dealing with aggressive colleagues

Benefits of Taking This Course:

    • Working in a calmer, healthier and more positive environment
    • Learning the importance and versatility of ‘I’ statements when dealing with an aggressive person at work
    • Learning how to build up your assertive communication skills
    • Learning the three-step conflict resolution method and how you can apply it to tense situations involving aggressive individuals
    • Feeling less stressed while at work
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