YouTube Channel Marketing Certification

The outreach and power of YouTube works excellently for small businesses, including those who have limited physical channels of distribution. An interesting and high-quality video on YouTube helps generate traffic to your website and attracts attention from prospective users.In order to be able to maximise your usage of YouTube, you need to be familiar with its numerous features and tools. This video course on YouTube covers a number of important topics, including the following:

What’s Covered in the Course?

    • How to search for the right keywords using the Google Search tool, and how to embed those keywords on your title and subtitles, in order to drive traffic;
    • How to get your video listed next to trending YouTube videos;
    • How to get more comments and thumbs ups;
    • Using the snowball marketing effect;
    • How to live stream your video for the first time;
    • How to insert adverts;
    • How to use recommendation algorithms and other tools, to increase traffic to your business website;
    • How to use the ‘Featured Video’ option, to generate more interest in your product;
    • How to create an impactful YouTube video, including voice quality, images, pacing, communication, and so on;
    • How to use hashtags;
    • How to use Facebook marketing and pinning.

This video course offers the following benefits

The numerous benefits of becoming familiar with the tools and features of YouTube videos include:

    • An understanding of how to use the different features of YouTube, to maximise viewership;
    • A clear idea of which YouTube videos are working best for your purposes;
    • As you become familiar with SEO strategies, you can experiment with your budget, to see which advertising is best for you – this way, you don’t have to waste your hard earnt money from the beginning;
    • You will be able to create high-quality, interesting and well-structured videos that run for longer times;
    • You can generate revenue from video viewership;

You can use YouTube to effectively showcase your brand, create a community of followers and market your products to a wide target audience.

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