YouTube Masterclass Certification

There are over 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, making it a very hard market to break into, if you have dreams or aspirations of running a successful YouTube channel. It takes a deceptively large amount of hard work to get your channel up and running, to create quality videos and to attract a wide enough audience to ensure that your efforts pay off and that your content stands out. It is extremely competitive, and you need a lot more than just great content, in order to thrive – you need to know how to get your content seen by as many people as possible. This course goes into detail about how to build and maintain a successful YouTube channel. It begins by giving you a brief introduction to the things that you need to have in place, before you can start creating content. The course moves on to discuss the best ways in which to create content, ensuring that your ideas generation sessions are successful. Next, we review ways in which to get your video viewed by the widest possible audience. Finally, the course gives you tips and information on how to make your videos profitable.

You will Learn:

    • The three pieces of equipment that you need, in order to get started
    • All about screen resolution and recommended sizes
    • The differences between quality, quantity and consistency, and why each of these are important
    • How thumbnails can make or break your video’s views
    • Tips on creating the best thumbnail, in order to attract a bigger audience
    • How to attract advertisers to your content

Benefits of Taking this Course:

    • Learning about the three general categories of content
    • Learning how to determine what type of content is best
    • Understanding the role that search engine optimisation plays in your success
    • Learning how to write titles and description that help your video to achieve a high search ranking
    • Understanding more about YouTube’s advertiser policies
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