Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving

A successful business must be agile in its approach to problem solving and decision making. Our Critical and Creative Thinking training course explores proven models and theories to develop your creative approach to problem solving. We teach you how to blend critical thought with a creative approach to drive innovation in your business in a demonstrable manner. 

Following this course you will:

  • Understand the benefits of Creative and Critical thinking when problem solving and decision making
  • Know your own style and have the skills to enhance your creativity
  • Be able to identify when Creativity is under threat of ‘its always done this way’
  • Lead group sessions to success by avoiding common pitfalls
  • Manage ideas through a selection process of assessment and testing
  • Garner maximum buy-in from stakeholders
  • Be able to implement and monitor the solution in the business
  • Influence others creative thinking skills

Who should attend:

Those who feel their personal communication style, and that of their organisation, can be improved.

Personnel at all levels of an organisation will benefit from this course and the practices they will takeaway.


Full day


UK and Europe

Delegate Numbers:

Min 3, Max 12

Module 1 - What is Critical and Creative Thinking?
  • The difference between standard and creative thinking for problem solving​
  • The benefits of creative thinking to increase productivity​
  • The importance of blending critical with creative thinking for a suitable solution for the business
Module 2 - What's your style?
  • Identify each delegate’s preferred thought process when problem solving​
  • Understanding how others think and adapting your approach
Module 3 - Getting Creative
  • Explore and apply proven tools and models to develop your creativity  ​
  • Identify threats and barriers to creative thinking and investigate how to overcome them
  • Creative thinking as a group – the challenges and pitfalls to avoid for successful group ideas sessions​
  • Ways to welcome ‘alien’ concepts and address unconscious bias
  • Empower team members to honestly and confidently critique others’ ideas
Module 4 - What is the Problem?
  • Identify the problem and break it down​
  • Agree the desired outcome​
  • SMART Objectives  – plan your approach to each part of the problem
Module 5 - Finding the solution
  • Overcome the ‘5 monkey’s’ scenario of ‘its always been done this way’​
  • Rate each solution to assist you in the selection process​
  • Keep the problem in mind – remember the desired outcome​
  • Test, test, test. Test the shortlist to assess any initial faults​
  • Present your decision, its benefits and test results to stakeholders.
Module 6 - The roll-out
  • How best to deliver your solution into the rest of the business
  • Use Creative and Critical thinking to create a Critical Path for implementation.
  • Monitor / manage / amend the solution
Module 7 – Stay Creative
  • Keep creativity live and well by sharing your new skills ​
  • Use Creative Thinking to educate others​
  • Continue to apply your Creative and Critical Thinking in your day to day life
Final Assessment
  • Final assessment with follow-up plan

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