How to develop better tast focus

Harvard psychologists researched the concept of happiness and found that we spend at least 47% of our time lost in thought. Then we return to our task at work or at home and suffer anxiety about feeling distracted or demotivated.

Have you ever found yourself saying “I’m trying to do too many things at once”? Or “I’m having a hard time juggling everything”? Don’t panic, you are not the only one. Juggling is a common analogy for our ability to control everything that is going on in our lives. The reality being we’ll never be able to keep that many balls in the air until we master juggling one.

In support of Stress Awareness Week, the Force Four team were learning the importance of taking ‘time out’ in the workplace. Our boss Martin Smith, a keen juggler for over 25 years is leading the charge for mindfulness and the power of focus. He says “by juggling for just 10 minutes a day we step back and allow our thoughts to come and go freely, we refocus our energy and increase productivity”.

Juggling requires complete concentration in the task. There is no room for anything else, no space to wander. Each toss is coming one after the next with nowhere to go but into the next throw because there’s a catch right behind it. You need balance, coordination, constant adjustment of speed and a strong back. Just kidding on that last one, although if you don’t start off juggling in front of a wall you will soon appreciate the benefits of a good muscle rub.


Let’s talk science…

It’s no longer just a party trick. Juggling might also enhance your brainpower. It has been scientifically proven that the process of learning to juggle increases white matter by 5%, improves peripheral vision and hand eye coordination. According to Dr Heidi Johansen-Berg (University of Oxford) “The structure of the brain is ripe for change”. Research also shows that by acquiring a new skill we increase grey matter in 2 areas of the brain involved in visual and motor activity. (Nature Journal 2004).

Those clever life specialists at JuggleFit tell us that juggling will also have the following practical benefits;

  • Relieve stress
  • Fight off Alzheimer’s disease
  • Sharpen concentration
  • Increase dexterity
  • Ward off food cravings
  • Assist in giving up smoking

Well, that’s even more reasons to pick up some balls and practise your new skill isn’t it? We thought so, but don’t worry if you aren’t performing like Dynamo at the end of the first week. Give it a month of practising a little bit every day and you will be juggling.

If you are sat there now thinking “I wanna give that a go at work”. Our hilarious ‘Unjuggling the Mind’ Training Course includes 2 half day sessions that takes you through the basic principles of juggling. We then get together a month later to see your progress and most importantly ensure that all delegates understand the benefits of learning this skill for productivity, focus and of course, fun! Contact the F4 Training Team on 0800 470 4441 for further information on the courses we currently offer.

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